Previous Conferences

Below is a partial list of conferences that Nano-Link affiliates have presented at.  Many of the referenced presentations can be found in our Presentations archive.


Austin TX
July 21-24

Atlanta GA
June 23-26

Minneapolis MN
May 21-23

San Francisco CA
April 20-23

National Science Teachers Association
San Antonio, TX
April 11-14, 2013

Materials Ed
Philadelphia PA
March 14-15

LOI Innovations Conference
Dallas TX
March 10-13

Duluth MN
Feb 22-23

MN Earth Science Teachers Conference
Minneapolis, MN
February 8, 2013
Deb Newberry presented "Nanotechnology, Space and Finding Oil in Rocks"

NEATEC Conference
Albany, NY
January 15-16, 2013
Deb Newberry presented "Nanoscale Goes Viral: Nanoscience Activities Workshop"


Higher Education Summit
November 25-26
Deb Newberry was the key note speaker at this event.

Nashville, TN
November 14-17
Deb Newberry presented: "One concept – Multiple applications"

Washington, DC
November 6-8
Deb Newberry presented: "Use of sustainable nanotechnology examples in the college classroom: A rich educational experience"

NEW conference
Fort Wayne, IN
November 4-7
Deb Newberry (principal investigator for Nano-Link) presented: "Using simple materials and experiments to enhance student’s critical thinking"

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