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Nano-Link began in 2008 at Dakota County Technical College and was instrumental in creating the NanoScience 2-year Degree offered there. We are part of the National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Program and the first nano center in that program.

Mike Opp

Mike Opp

Vice President Academic Affairs, Dakota County Technical College and N-L Principal Investigator, Executive Director

Billie Copley

Billie Copley

N-L Project Manager

Cassidy Jelen

Cassidy Jelen

N-L Nano-Infusion Project Coordinator

Vision (Where we want to be)

“To be the lead purveyror of nanoscience and emerging technologies education.”

Mission (How we will get there)

“To provide comprehensive resources and services including educational content; materials and activities; professional development and training for students, educators and industry employees.


  • Create a nationwide alliance of institutions that are the pipeline for the nanotechnology workforce.
  • Develop alliance faculty capacity to interface with industry, correlate industry-needed skills with program or course competencies and outcomes, and develop continuing relationships responsive to the changing technology environment.
  • Prepare students for the nanoscience and emerging technologies workforce.
  • Create a consortium of secondary educators that are masters in nanoscience education to engage students, including URMs.
  • Industry organizations and representatives are an integral part of the Nano-Link National Center.

Find Nano-Link at:

Dakota County Technical College

Rosemount Campus

1300 145th Street East

Rosemount, MN 55068