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Extending the NIP modules

I recently had an opportunity to design an all day workshop made up of Nano and Materials modules. I started with Hydrophobicity. Why? Hydro (for short) is one of the key nano concepts and it has applicability to many nanotechnologies. Following the basic hydro...

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Spring 2019 Issue

 The Mighty Microscope!Since the invention of the compound microscope (1609), advances in microscopy have benefited research and scientific discovery, education and health advancements, and much more. Microscopes belong up there with fire, the wheel, and...

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DIY Alert – My-Oh-My Micelles

We get asked all the time... “How can I bring nano into my biotechnology class?” Well here you go, our 7th DIY module release does just that. This module introduces micelles (pronounced MY-sels) and the concept of critical micelle concentration (CMC). Micelles have...

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Winter 2018 Issue

When decking your halls, deck with Nano. The Winter issue of the Nano-Link Newsletter shows you how with a very cool crowdsourced database under development by manufacturers and researchers defining what is nano. The result will be a...

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DIY Alert – Nanocrete is here!

The third in the Nano-Link DIY Collection has arrived. Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world with 23 billion tons per year worldwide. Nanotechnology is looking for ways to make concrete lighter and stronger. This new...

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Fall 2018 Issue

When is it time to go back to Knot School? Our Fall issue of the Nano-Link Newsletter has some fun with back-to-school jibes and jibs, think back to summer camp, when you learned to tie knots, but not like these MOLECULAR knots! New releases and resources...

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NL Student Conference

9th Annual Student Conference Host: Nano-Link Affiliate, Oakton Community College Location: Skokie, IL and The Illinois Science & Technology Park The Nano-Link conference provides an opportunity for industry to speak about the job outlook,...

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