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Our DIY Collection is made up of modules developed by our Nano-Link Affiliate team, nanotechnology and science educators from two- and four-year colleges across the country. The modules address emerging nano concepts of interest to the nano community, keeping you up-to-date and current with your knowledge and your curriculum.

What is a DIY Module?

Like all of the Nano-Link modules, the modules in the DIY Collection are hands-on activities, active learning opportunities to introduce nano concepts into your curriculum or community. These modules require simple equipment and because they are “DIY,” filling the materials/supply list is up to you, only a source for materials/supplies is provided. These interesting activities vary in length and detail, some are complex subject matter, see the suggested age level for each module.

When you download a module you get:

  •  PDF Educator’s Guide with: Topic Background Information,Correlation to Nano and Traditional Science Concepts, Activity Flow Chart, Procedures and Instructions for Conducting the Hands-on Activity, Additional Resources
  • Set of Slides for the Instructor
  • Video of Activity Set up and Delivery

Current Nano-Link DIY Modules

Our DIY Collection will be expanding with new offerings periodically throughout the 2018-2019 year.  Be sure you are subscribed to our Nano-Link Newsletter for new module release information.

Click on the images for a detailed description and links for downloads of the  module components.

Some of these labs utilize chemicals with specific procedures for storage, handling and safety. Nano-Link refers you to the manufacturer’s information on those items for your use as is required by your state or institution: Flinn Scientific source OR the official Materials Safety Data Sheets source (registration is required).

Nano Gold

Memory Metals