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Module Absract

This module introduces micelles and the concept of critical micelle concentration (CMC). Micelles have important applications in biotechnology. Micelles are sometimes used to deliver drugs to their target in the body. Micelles are also sometimes used to deliver genes into plant cells in agricultural applications. This module therefore demonstrates an intersection between nanotechnology and biotechnology. The module includes a laboratory activity that uses a surfactant and dye to allow students to experiment with micelle formation.

Nano Concepts – Lists which nanotechnology areas are being explored 

  • Self-assembly 
  • Role of close range forces at the nanoscale 
  • Applications of micelles in medicine and biotechnology 

Traditional Science Concepts – Lists which science areas are being explored 

  • Chemistry: hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials; polar nature of the water molecule 
  • Biology: micelles in cell membranes and other biological systems 
  • Applications of micelles in medicine and biotechnology 

Module Resources and Documents
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Micelles Module

Micelles Slides

List of Required Materials

The full list of items needed for this module is below.  Note that materials for DIY modules are not available through Nano-Link or the Nano-Infusion program.

  • Beakers 
  • Detergent 
  • Water 
  • SDBS  
  • Filter Paper
  • Pasteur Pipette