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Module Abstract

This is a module about nanotechnologies that use forces and interactions to treat water. Learners will select a water treatment problem, determine which contaminants are present in their water, and use the described nanotechnologies and their knowledge of intramolecular forces to identify the most effective water treatment system. 

Module Resources and Documents

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Module: Nanotreatment Module

Slides: Nanotreatment Slides

Printable Game Cards: Nanotreatment Cards

Nano Concepts (Which nanotechnology areas are being explored)

  • All interactions of atoms, molecules, and nanoparticles are influenced by different types of forces. The size of the particles affects the type and impact of the force.
  • Structure of matter consists of atoms that interact to form molecules. At the nanoscale, nanoparticles interact to assemble nanoscale structures.

Traditional Science Concepts (Which science areas are being explored)

  • Intramolecular interactions

List of Required Materials (Per person/team)

The full list of items needed for this module is below.  Note that materials for DIY modules are not available through Nano-Link or the Nano-Infusion program.

  • Water Quality Problem (Addendum B: 1 set per class)
  • Water Contaminant Cards (Addendum B: 1 set per group of 3–4 students)
  • NanoTechnology Cards (Addendum B: 1 set per group of 3–4 students)
  • Chart paper and markers, or digital tool access for students to present their system design.