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Nano-Link Products and Services Provide Educators:
Time Savings with ready to use activities and expertise just a click away.
Increased Awareness about nano careers and education pathways.

“Thank you again for presenting to our teachers yesterday. Everyone walked away having learned something new that we will now work to have reflected in our classroom and program.” –Educator

Nano-Infusion Program

The Nano-Infusion Program (NIP) provides hands-on training in the use of the Nano-Infusion modules and can be offered at your location and at no cost to you.

“I am excited to teach these units in class. I also run a nanotechnology club for the school in the fall. It is such an exciting area for my students to consider studying, most have never heard of it. I also want to use them in my high school program. Thank you! ” –Educator

Nano-Infusion Modules

Nano-Infusion Modules include a hands-on activity that can be completed within one class period. Each activity is designed to address key nano concepts. Instructional material is available for download. Module supply kits can be ordered at no cost to you through Nano-Link until May 1, 2020. After May 1, supplies can be purchased on your own. A comprehensive supply list is provided on the Nano-Infusion Modules page.

“It was fun creating these modules for the Nano-Link community. They let me share my interests in nano topics I work with every day. ” –Nano-Link Affiliate

DIY Collection

DIY Modules are a hands-on activity that address key nano concepts of interest. Support for the activity and lab set up is provided. These modules are created by Nano-Link’s Affiliate team, educators from across the United States.

“The Nano-Infusion modules have helped launch the nanoscience program at our school. I can put the activity kit out and the class just goes to work. It really is a change maker for me and for my students.”


“I really appreciate your support and assistance in such a timely manner! It is my hope that, with your generous offer and support, we will inspire young scholars to consider a career in Nanoscience!”


Nano-Link Staff, Affiliates and Associates are available to help you implement N-L modules, design a curriculum, or share a course. We can also help with community outreach and workforce development activities.


Community resources for Educators.


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