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Nano-Link Products and Services Provide Industry:
Nano-savvy technician program locations and contacts.
Access to nanotechnology education experts.
Ready to use tools for workforce strengthening.

It's All About Producing Nano-savvy Technicians For YOU!

Nano-Link’s aim is to produce Nano-savvy Tehnicians for our country’s economic growth and technology leadership. Nano-savvy technicians are multi-disciplinary knowledgable, skilled and adapatable, they are creative and have a strong work ethic. Some featured stories are here.  

Roger McMeekin

Nano Center at UNM

Research and Development, Nanomaterials

Has a dream to start a characterization facility with kids, says they are more open-minded.  Wants to have teenagers… kids to be able to come in and play around and get something out of it. Roger is inspired by that.

I was bored in school, this nano tech is not boring at all, it’s the new frontIer.”

Michael James Agerbeck

HB Fuller

Attended DCTC, nanotechnology A.A.S. degree program. The program helped him get into 3M. Michael was at the top of his class.

“I want to be the best person on that floor, I want to be the person that when someone needs help with a problem… I’m the one they come to.”

“Don’t limit yourself, make your plan flexible enough to adapt to it.”

Karen Shaloo

Normingdale CC, A.A. Applied Arts Degree

Experience at Seagate with the AFM sparked interest in Nanoscience and technology.

Ended up at DCTC nanoscience program, the hands-on experiences inspired her. The variety of positions and things out there is motivation to keep going.

“Just keep on doing it, don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it.”

Creating the Right Programs with the Right Partners

To produce these Nano-savvy techs we need to create the right programs. These programs focus on technicians, the knowledge and skill required to become Nano-savvy. The right programs are developed with mentoring from the Nano-Link experts. Now the leaders of these programs are mentors to others as part of our Affiliate program, growing and sharing their programs. The right programs require the right partnerships. Some of them are featured here. 

Nano-Link Affiliate Programs

“My hope is that we have a broad impact on all of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – STEM. By infusing these concepts, we give students more awareness about STEM and STEM careers. It’s worth every penny spent, every minute devoted.” -Deb Newberry, Director and Principal Investigator, Nano-Link

Program at DCTC

Dakota County Technical College
Location: Rosemount, MN

Dakota County Technical College, Rosemount Campus, is home to Nano-Link. DCTC currently offers 11 courses including career exploration and industry tours that make up a 72 credit, A.A.S. degree Nanoscience Technician program.

Program at UNM

University of Minnesota – College of Science & Engineering
Minneapolis, MN

Courses forming the A.A.S. degree Nanoscience Technician program at DCTC are offered in partnership with the University of Minnesota.

Featured Affiliate Programs

Program at Oakton

Oakton Community College
Location: Skokie, IL

Oakton currently offers 4 courses. Contact John Carzoli, 847-376-7042 or John Ireland for more information, 847-635-1684

Program at North Central

North Central Technical College
Location: Wausau, WI

North Central currently offers 2 courses. Contact Frank Fernandes for more information, 715-803-1399

Program at Chippewa

Chlippewa Valley Technical College
Location: Eau Claire, WI

CVTC currently offers 12 courses. Contact Hans Mikelson, or John Wagner for more information,

It Takes a Team

Industry partners provide value in many ways:

Serve on the Nano-Link Advisory Board

Host an intern or hire our nano-savvy graduates

Speak up for us at our events and at other events

Advise and assist on curruculum, recruitment, retention

Invite us to speak to your industry or partner schools and community

We need our industry partners. If you can devote a few hours a year, Nano-Link invites you to join our Industry Advisory Board. Meet our current members.

Justin Patten

Board Member
Director of Operations
Bruker Nano, Inc.

Mel Cossette

Board Member
Executive Director, Principal Investigator
MatEdU – National Center for Materials Technology Education

Mary Heiss

Board Member
Senior Vice President, Academic and Student Affairs
American Association of Community Colleges (AACC)


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