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Exposures to Raw Nanomaterials

Module Learning Objectives

By the end of the module, learners should be able to:

  • List types of workplaces where exposures to raw nanomaterials can occur
  • Identify potential exposure routes and risks related to each type of workplace
  • Describe tasks and processes that lead to exposure risks across workplaces
  • Relate exposure potential to production processes

Module Video: Exposures to Raw Nanomaterials

Hands-on Activity: Dust Generation

Module Resources and Documents
Click on the links below to obtain the classroom materials for this module.  Note that you need to be registered with Nano-Link and logged in to download files. To register or log in, click here.

Dust Generation Hands-on Activity (Guide for Instructors)

Dust Generation Hands-on Activity (Guide for Learners)

Exposures to Raw Nanomaterials (Presentation Slides)