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Encapsulation & Controlled Release

Module Abstract

This module introduces the process of forming macrocapsules and the concept of self-assembly. Forming capsules at the macro, micro, and nano levels have very important applications in drug delivery, cosmetics, food technology, and cleaning up environmental toxins. The module includes a laboratory activity that uses organic compounds, nanoparticles, and dye to allow students to study the process of encapsulation and controlled release.

Module Resources and Documents
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Encapsulation Module

Encapsulation Slides

List of Required Materials

The full list of items needed for this module is below.  Note that materials for DIY modules are not available through Nano-Link or the Nano-Infusion program.

• Alginic acid sodium salt
• Low molecular weight chitosan
• Citric acid monohydrate
• Calcium chloride
• Food dye concentrate
• Vinyl gloves
• Magnetic stirrer and stir bar
• 1ml disposable droppers
• Spectrophotometer (optional)
• Cuvettes (optional, for use with spectrophotometer)