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Follow Nano-Link’s history and impact here!

Hitting the Target – A Nano-savvy Workforce

2004 - Multi-disciplinary A.A.S. Degree NanoScience Program Begins

One of only 8 two-year technical colleges in the country offering a degree in the field of nanotechnology.

2008 - Regional Nano-Link Center Opens

1 of 40 Advanced Technological Education – ATE Centers

First ATE Nano Center

2009 - Nano-Link Conference Established

Conference brings students, educators and industry together.

2011 - Nano-Infusion Program is Born

Recognizing the need for a distribution channel for its modules and for a “high touch” implementation, NIP educator workshops are offered nation-wide.

560 - Educators requesting NIP module kits

96,248 Students introduced to/using NIP modules

Highest approval rating awarded to the Scientific Methods NIP module 3 years in a row2018

623 – Module downloads (Since April, 2017 Launch)

595 NIP module kits delivered years 2017 – 2018

7 - Two-year A.A.S. Programs Across the U.S. Join the Affiliate Program

Institutions adopting the Nano-Link model, infusing nano into curriculum, mentoring others and creating:

25 – Semester long Courses

18 – College level Labs and Experiments

9 –  Nano-Infusion Program Modules and Kits that are available for outreach and infusion

Dozens of Market Segments Impacted

Nanotechnology, dealing with materials at the molecular and atomic level, is now recognized and practiced in biotechnology, materials science, photonics, and energy industries.

1,675 - Mentoring & Outreach Successes

1,675 After school programs, clubs and other informal education programs using NIP modules years 2017 – 2018

37 - Nano-Infusion Program Educator Workshops delivered (by request since 2014)

792 – Educators Reached