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Advise and preparation from the experts on what makes you NANO ready!

Finding the job

Tools for job searching:

List of companies with nanotechnician jobs (by Nanowerk)

One question the experts at Nano-Link are often asked is how to recognize if the job is really a nano job. One tip is to look for job titles that frequently include nanotech skiills. Here are some examples:

  • Quality Control Technician
  • Maintenence Technician
  • Engineering Technician (Metrology/Process/Manufacturing, areas may be specified)
  • Biotechnology Technician
  • Engineering Specialist (Metrology/Process/Manufacturing, areas may be specified)
  • Lab technician

Another way is to look for Nano Clues in the Job Description, examples highlighted in the description below, click on the image to enlarge:

Getting the job (Ask the experts at Nano-Link for tools or references to these sources, online versions available soon):

  • Recommended Interviewing tips/videos
  • Recommended resumé samples and tips
  • Nanotechnician Competencies and how to use them to land a job

Training, Competitions, Camps, Scholarships

Safety is job #1

Online videos in Health and Nano Safety