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Meet the Nano Stars!

Nano-Link interviews our student and industry nano stars. From our student interviews you get the perspective from these nano-savvy grads: how they found nano as a career, their challenges and advice. From our seasoned professionals working in industries today you’ll hear how they have embraced nano and integrated nanotechnology into their products and businesses.

Roger McMeekin

Nano Center at UMN

Research and Development, Nanomaterials

Has a dream to start a characterization facility with kids, says they are more open-minded. Wants to have teenagers… kids to be able to come in and play around and get something out of it. Roger is inspired by that.

“I was bored in school, this nano tech is not boring at all, it’s the new frontier.”

Michael James Agerbeck

HB Fuller

Didn’t think they could take a non-technical person like him and give him the skills needed to at least look at a different career path.

Attended DCTC, nanotechnology A.A.S. degree program. The program helped him get into 3M. Michael was at the top of his class.

“I want to be the best person on that floor, I want to be the person that when someone needs help with a problem… I’m the one they come to.”

“Don’t limit yourself, make your plan flexible enough to adapt to it.”

Karen Shaloo

Normingdale CC, A.A. Applied Arts degree

Experience at Seagate with the AFM sparked an interest in nanoscience and technology.

Ended up at DCTC nanoscience program, the hands-on experiences inspired her. The variety of positions and things out there is motivation to keep going.

“Just keep on doing it, don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it.”

Rosen Bioscience Strategies

Focus is on the innovations that have application in the areas of nano medical, agricultural and energy coming out of Research-based Universities. These technologies often become “spin-off” companies to which Rosen provides support and collaboration. All three of these areas fall under the Life Sciences Industry sector.

Mr. Rosen is happy to speak about the research in these areas and how to engage with Rosen Bioscience Strategies:

Adámas Nanotechnologies, Inc.

Focus is primarily the manufacture of diamond at the nanoscale for lubricant and biomedical applications. Another area of interest is making their technology accessible so that production is scalable and usable. Company comes out of a non-profit reasearch center where the founder recognized the possibilities of nanoparticles.

Mr. Torelli’s interests lie in nanomaterials and surface modification. 


Focus is on SUPER aluminum alloys: electrical conductivity, light, corrosion and temperature resistant material. Requirements from the transporation and other industries are driving this technology. Tools used are enabling seeing material at the atom level. These technologies are revolutionizing material property research and advancement.

Mr. Byansan is a graduate of a Nano-Link Affiliatate, Oakton Community College. He is a great resource: