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An easy to use set of tools and resources for you use to connect with education or for you to contribute your input and insight to improve what educators know about industry involvement.

Don't be the Missing Piece to the Puzzle

Technician jobs are out there, we know it, we hear it from the media, our community and you. We need to be able to communicate this to our students and have the latest, most vital information available. That’s why we need industry’s help so we can begin bridging the gap between what is needed and what we are creating, nano-savvy technicians, we call it “Industry Alignment.”

How Nano-Link Aligns with and Involves Industry

Nano-Infusion Program – We offer a customizable 6 – 8 hour workshop designed to ignite and excite educators, students, our community about nanoscience.

Outreach at Nano-Link – Through our Nano-Link Newsletter we reach out to the nano community. The Nano-Link Newsletter reaches thousands quarterly with industry news, Nano-Link happenings and fun topics, all geared to be used in the classroom and community to raise nano awareness. Subscribe or send us your content and ideas about: job outlook, skills needed, where the industry is going, views on education, and nanotechnology. Get the LATEST@NANO-LINK

Mentoring – “Never go in with a Blank Sheet of Paper” is just one topic from our presentation series that we use to help educators understand where to get industry driven competency information and build the bridge between education and industry. Other resources that we provide can be found in our nanoHUB online learning group.

Nano-Link Community Resources

Nano-Link leadership and experts present to hundreds of groups a year on topics important to nanoscience and technology educators and community. We share those presentations here. They are updated on a regular basis so be sure to check back. If you don’t see one that suits your needs, request it.

What is NanoScience?

An introductory presentation for any audience. Download the presentation here.


Never Go in with a Blank Sheet of Paper

A presentation for Educators beginning work with industry partners.
Download the presentation here.



Join Us on

Nano-Link has created a group space using nanoHUB’s powerful database and engine. We encourage you to contribute your resources or post a job/event that might make a difference in the lives of students or educators. You must register and then search in the Groups for “Nano-Link” to join.

Benefits to You: nanoHub has 1.4 million members.