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Make your profile available to over one million members and access tutorials created by experts around the globe.

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Nano-Link has created a group space using nanoHUB’s powerful database and engine. Here you have access to resources created by nano experts around the globe. We suggest you post a student profile, the space is visited by educators and industry. You must register and then search in the Groups for “Nano-Link” to join.

Benefits to You: nanoHub has 1.4 million members.

The Nano-Link experts recognize the importance of maintaining knowledge about key nano topics. In the nanoHUB space we’ve started “collections” of resources on topics important to your nano studies and career. Just one of the topics to explore is the Scanning Electron Microscope – SEM. More collections are pending.


Through our Nano-Link Newsletter we reach out to the nano community. The Nano-Link Newsletter reaches thousands quarterly with industry news, Nano-Link happenings and fun topics, all geared to be used in the classroom and community to raise nano awareness. Subscribe or send us your content and ideas about: job outlook, skills needed, where the industry is going, views on education, and nanotechnology.