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“Nano-Link Alliance Members are the acknowledged experts in nanotechnology education: igniting nanoscience education, generating excitement among students and strengthening the country by supplying a highly skilled workforce for industry.”

For Educators

Access to a plethora of educational content and tools. You can browse and download modules here and dive deep into the Nano-Infusion Program.

For Students

A special space to research what you want to know about nano. Past nano students share their insights on nano education, jobs, and what to expect or prioritize in your nano studies/career.

For Industry

An area where you can speak for yourselves on the nanotech job outlook, the value of a nano education and a Nano-Link partnership. Interested in becoming a Nano-Link partner? There’s stuff here for that too.

For Affiliates & Coaches

This is where individuals from the education community across the United States that develop Nano-Link modules and content share their information and expertise.


“Nano-Link promotes nanotechnology education at multiple grade levels with comprehensive resources, products and services for students, educators, community and industry partners. Nano-Link teams with programs and schools across the United States to assure the need for a skilled nano workforce is met.”

Download Nano Content

Hands-on, inquiry-based modules are available for download. 
Nano-Infusion Program module download page
Modules based on nano concepts and interests are available for download. 
DIY module download page
Download includes instructor guide and activity directions.

Connect with Us

Through Nano-Link’s Emerging Technology Coach program we provide consulting services and training that supports your nanotech education and outreach efforts. 
Get connected with an ET Coach near you.


Order Kits

Module materials for delivery of a Nano-Infusion Program module are available. Get the supplies you need to deliver these dynamic, engaging modules.
From the module description page, navigate to the “REQUEST MODULE MATERIALS” form. 


“Nano-Link is a National Science Foundation Advanced Technological  Center for Nanotechnology Education. Through an NSF grant and at no cost to you, Nano-Link provides products and services for use in the (7 – 14) classroom or boardroom.”


 “As a national resource center we proudly partner with educators, industry, and our community to provide the best nano education possible that results in nano-savvy technicians.”